Sunday, May 31, 2009

OMG!!! Eye soo pain!!!

my eye si bek pain lor~9 meng ahh>.<
a thg lk 'pimple' de...grow at my left eye~
chinese call针眼...
it happen coz sleep late n eat tiok wrong thg..
mayb bcoz of bak zhang ba??
(my mom say de...if i knw y ll lk this i cn do doctor lor)
tong lor...wuwuwu~~~

ytd ald gt pain liao~bt i tot wont bcum serius de ma..
ytd bck from party~after blogging jiu pain dao..T_Tll
jiu go sleep lor..manatau..cnt sleep well ahh..
my eye juz lk gt a thg bek suffer...

today morning left eye cnt open~
dunno vry sticky de thg stick my eye..
i hav to use my hand..'force' it open...=.=
very very pain ahh...T.T

thn~stil hav to go beauty saloon...
ppl hard to knw wat happen to my eye~
coz hor..the *&^%$# de thg grow inside my eye ma...
thy juz c tiok bengkak n red red nia...
tot i bo sleep wor..=.=ll
(haizz...i oso wan sleep well lar..)

today gt AK tuition~
i pain dao no mood study ahh.....
cnt concentrate pun ahh....

aiyoyo~hope my eye ll heal soon lar..
short sighteness + thg lk 'pimple' in my eye...
suffer lor.......cnt c thg well pun..@.@
cnt write more liao...
si bek pain de ahh~~@_@

Surprise~suprise~MORE surprise!!!!

happy si wa ahh~really so surprise de neh~
gamdong lor~(ben lai i tot every1 4gt jor me liao) TvT
haha~start my story now~

7.00pm~Snowy cum fetch me at my home~
i c~she one person nia~i jiu thk~
ok lor~at least gt one person remember~
coz from morning til 7.00 juz receive 2 ppl de wishes nia~
tat's frm Chez Earn & Peng2~thx...
in Snowy de car...she keep ask me ll i dissapoint?
i say abit lor~coz my jimui DIN SMS ME PUN!!! @.@
we go eat at swensen~the service there..really BAD!!!
n the food..expensive n the taste ok nia lar~

after tat~we go market walk walk lor~
quit sien de..i c Snowy keep sms...she say is her fans sms her..
(at last she tel me she sms with wei thm)

thn~we go Tao liao~
walk here walk there as 'VIP'...hehe
say hello to every1~haha~siao ehh~=.=ll
we order Virgin Kiss n Watermelon juice~
thn we sit n chat lor~
thn~Snowy say wan go downstair take the gift~
i wait lor~i strange~tk one gift tk so many time ahh?
after xx minutes~Snowy is back!!
with FAN, WEI, LING, CIAK, DG, N WEI'S SIS behind~
thy brg a cake~singing bday song~tat moment~really shock!!
n very gamdong lor~very happy oso~ TvT
i bo cry tiok~frens~gt dissapoint bo? hehe~
thy call me mk wishes~n take out the candle by mouth??
guai guai de...who say nid do tat de har?? @.@

thn we sit dwn chat~take foto~bla bla bla~
eat cake~so full i eat~my stomach cnt receive more food liao~
we take foto outside oso~taken by a very kind de stranger~
haha~c tiok leng lui so wan hlp take foto lar~lolx

after eat...i wan go washroom~bt Snowy n every1 stop me~
say wan wait the song wor~tat tm~reali wn *&^%$#@! de..
(on the wy home thn snow baru tel tat gt secret guest waiting
there ~so thy 'halang' me going to washroom)
thn wait lor...manatau~singer haven test mike wor..
so hw cum gt song~beh dong~i str8 go~
after 'forced' by them out of washroom~
Bayar say sumthg to me...he abit rosak the surprise de~
he say he c sum1 gt cum~~
i abit can guess tiok wan ll happen de...
bt i dun blif lar~coz i thk wont happen de gua~
whn the singer start sing bday song~
Mr YOON came out~with a present~
wahliew~unbelievable~shock tiok~happy....^^
gamdong lor~bla bla bla~hahaha~@_@

thn we chat n tk foto agn..=.=ll
(nthg do liao meh?)
haha~all my jimui 'bully' Yoon~
kolian nia~sorry lor~who call he is the oni guy wor~
Yoon ahh....really paiseh lor~bt thx 4 ur coming~
n ur gift~haha~i ll use it drink many many water de~
bt hor...she bu de lor....too cute lar....lolx

At 11.15pm...i nid fast fast go liao~
abo i dunno wat ll happen to me agn~
really feel ps to thm de lar~
bcoz of me~we all cnt play longer time~@.@
in Snowy de car~open the gift~
sambil hear Snowy explain wat actually happen today~

Snowy giv me a cute container~really cute lar...
(she say can feel hangfuk when use)
Yoon leh~giv me a cute glass~
(say i lk drink water ma)
haha~i like both gift~she bu de use lor~
thanks o~~~
n hor~i wont 4gt de~the cake from my Jimui~~
(taste not bad o~~)
n sushi from chef~~

so many surprise today~
hampir heart attack ahh~jk jk~lolx
really a unforgettable birthday~^_^
ahh~finally i 'graduated' from 17 years old liao~

no picture upload for now~
coz all foto at wei n ling there~

Overall~~Thanks u all~kamsahamnida~arigato~
koprukap~xie xie~terima kasih, gamxia........@.@^^

Saturday, May 30, 2009

18 liao~another new 365 days~^^

yoyoyo~me old lor~hehe
another 365 days liao~wan b mature liao~
cannot act lk a ginna liao~
lolx...everytm sy lk this bt stil my atitude very ginna~
ll i bcum more siao siao this year?
hehe~dunno leh.....

hmm~i wan set new targets for this year agn~
some of my last year de target haven reached~
hmm~abit dissapoint to myslf lor~
time passed nvr cum back~
wan chg pun cannot liao~

so~this year~i wan more gambateh~
to reach my target~
abo i ll regret de rite?
i wan make many wishes this year!!
1. i wish my family all happy n healthy~
(better wealthy lar!! haha)
2. i wish my frens all happy n healthy always~
3. i wish myslf more healthy n no more lazy!!
4. i wish my skul result can b better~
5. i wish i can more lucky, no more sway!!
6. i wish i can c tiok my 'husbands'~
7. i wish i can wish more thg n all bcum true~
(this one can hor?)

Short post for now~

Friday, May 29, 2009

29/5~Friday~Bak Zhang Bak Zhang^^

Syok ahh~so many bak zhang in home~
bt i cant eat many~wu~~~T.T
my sigui stomach cnt tahan de~

today AK teacher din cum agn....
'miss' her? bo lar! worry her nia~
coz laz time she seem pain de lor~
bless her~

in PA lesson~me n wei sit v SJ~
hehe~sure we bla non stop geh~^v^
tat PA teacehr ahh....
really wan scold her de!!! pek chek nia..
coz she sendiri talk sendiri syok de...
urgh~beh syok her lor...
din concern abt her student de...
din say detail de...juz simply bla nia...

MUET...sien dao....
the teacher gt a power---->power to make ppl sleep~
haiyo~not juz me nia~
other classmate oso complain de neh....
so~dun call me complain king lor! hehe

at EKO class...we so 'ngam' sit v SJ agn~
haha~ps nia~sure she cnt concentrate de~
coz we ll keep talking abt our husband~
coz my 'charisma'~really ll hai tiok her~
(me so beh paiseh.......lolx)
bt hor~SKWong de 'charisma' more strong~
we bla for a while nia~thn keep concentrate in study~

tml~9.00am nid go skul leh~sien nia....
librarien orientation~go til 12.00pm~after tat.....
dunno my auntie ll call me go shop or not...
i dunwan go!!!
bt i so coward de..evrytm she call tiok sure go~
not dare reject de lor...T_T
bt tml~due to some reason~i mayb can dunid go de~hehe

tml 7.00pm~snowy n me~v 2 ppl go celebrate~
bt hor~she din tell me where!!!
hng hng~snow ahh~sked u brg me go sell lor!
ei~no late back lor! remember my limit ya~

fan, wei, ling...i knw u all gt the sim de la~
bt due to sum reason u all bo eng~
hmm~nvm de la~
we stil gt next year, n next yr, n next next yr.......
hehe~so~nvm de lar~
ur wishes~i receive le~thanks o~muacks~^^

peng~juz can say we sway lor~
not enuf ppl go tao eat wif us~so bo go liao~
bt same lar~we can go next year, n next yr, n next next yr....
haha~lady's nite leh~err~if u wan go jiu call me la~
(call me call me....i kisiao agn~>.<) lolx
bt no late back ya~

hope tml is a good day lar~^v^

Thursday, May 28, 2009

28th of May~~

hmm~thk kan wan say wat 1st~~
today at skul..evrythg so far so good lor~
bt not MS~aiyo~so hard de question~
hehe~ps nia~coz i din listen to wat teacher sy de ma~
bt i ll try my best to solve de!
Aza~Fighting!!! ^v^

today we gt 4 period of AK~
=.=ll swt nia...1 dy nid c her hw many time wor..
beh dong her sound nia....
hurt my ear~hng hng~
nvm~i continue let songs 'play' in my brain~
hehehe~ignore her~

after skul~nid go MUET tuition~
actually me n wei dun wan go de...
coz really sleepy n tired~
n oso no mood lor~
bt finally~we dcide go tuition~

in tat tuition class~the teacher say:
'no one speak chinese in this class ya~
please speak in english~~'
good ah~can improve our english~
bt my rojak sia sway de....
bt speak jiu speak lar~sked u ahh~lolx...
if really can help my english jiu good lar~~try lor~

me, wei, peng, chin n her bf sit tgthr~
we talk 'funny' english~
haha~gt indian style, malaysian style.....
n the most funny de is
------->England royal style~
the slang~~si bek ho chio~hahaha!!!!
so 'standard' de lor~hehehe~
we laugh lk siao lang there~lolx

really enjoy the tuition~
ho chai 2day gt go ahh~abo nxt week we go~
c no ppl there jiu cham~cz holiday din gt tuition~

bck home~really tired lor~
si liao lar~so sked ll very fast old de lor~=_=ll
hmm~go do facial liao~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27th of May~~

today our 'lovely' AK high frequency cum back~~
hehe~yuan lai she pok gai in her bathroom~=_=ll
due to injurt~so she ald din cum for 2 days~
bt i c her ok ahh~still the high frequency..
n full of energy de voice~=.=
bt her class really sien today~

for 1st tm~in this year~in skul~
i sleep in class...ZzZzZzZz~~~

in PA class~teacher din cum wor!
haha~ben lai wan do my homework de~
bt due to boring~i ask Siew Jun abt korean thg~
(coz in her blog i c tat she gt do 'research' de...) lolx
thn, wei n Siew Jun naik gila liao....
we bla bla bla non stop~
all abt korean star n music n movie~~
really si bek SYOK ahh!!!
ei~hard to find a 知音人 de lor...
wei n SJ( not Suju lor, SiewJun lar)~
not so masak de oso can keng many thg~
we are FAMILY~~♥♥
i love this kind of feel~
stay tgthr keng abt thgs tat we lov~very2 syok!!!

MS teacher din cum oso~
ai shhi~y many teacher din cum de?!
...speechless lor....
bt oso syok nid study ma~
can do my homework lor~^^
we go library do homework~

ok~tat's all for today's skul life~

hehe~after skul i go beauty saloon....
=_= tired neh..........
after i back home~muahaha!
i can c movie liao~kekekeke...

continue crazy of idol now~
hear tiok their song nia....
so high til i feel wan scream ahh~
their song really make me happy~
even sum is sad song~hehehe~

Super Junior, Tvxq, SS501, T-max, After Skul,
Girls' generation, Wonder Girl, Shinee, KimBeum,
YeSung, 2NE1, Taegoon, BoA, LeeMingHo.......many gok~

too much isit...hehe^v^
all my 'husband n wife' leh~~~♥♥♥
Muuaaccksss to them!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crazy lor~~~XP

i'm crazy~~~
crazy of latest korean song~
sang by Super Junior n Tvxq~
always thk abt YeSung~(did i spell it rite?) lolx
n SS501~ N KimBeum~~~
n oso 花样男子 de handsum guy~
( ki hiao meh...... =.=llll)
urgh~really no good for me leh~
bt i gt hard work in study de lor~
juz nt so concentrate jek~~~XP

when in class always thk abt the songs~
the melody~flowing in my brain~
n i enjoy it!!!
sot liao la wa~
cannot lk this de~wake up wake up!!!
later i kisiao then wei oso ll de ba?
coz i always bla these topic to her~=.=
i bla bla bla a lot~~all not abt study de thg~>.<
really feel ps to her~

WEI ah~if u cnt concentrate bcoz of me~
sorry ahh~mianhaeyo~
if i kisiao agn~pls giv me advice~
or can str8 skol me~
or u can slap me?!
lolz~i so 'cute'~u wont do tat de hor?

short post today~
nothg to say pun de~
hehe~~go kisiao liao~~~^^
nan michigetso!(korean: i'm crazy)

Monday, May 25, 2009

i change liao~^^

Hu~i'm busy on study now~
keep concentrate in study~
n all the freaky scary formula~~
may i bcum a new pheyee? mayb~~
previously de pheyee is not lk this de....
mayb sum of my fren ald sense tat i ald chg~
coz nw i really realise jor hw important study is~

Today AK teacher din cum~
i so guai~i do math in class with wei~
so hard to c hardworking de me~nan de leh~
after solve the scary math question by myslf~
hu~i can feel~
the feel of success~yeah~~~si beh syok de~

when we work hard to solve hard question~
really pek chek~bt after solve tat~
really feel good~
same as our teory of life~hehe

erm....recently i in good mood leh~
even the weather hot till can 'cook' ppl~=__=ll
muahahaha~mayb bcoz i ald near 18 liao~
wan set a new plan for this year~
i dunwan to waste this pretty 18 yrs old~
hmm~i wan try sumthg i nvr try b4~
ermm~hw is go c SJ n TVXQ de concert? (i hope so~)
or...go travel oversea? (if i gt $$)
or...go play bungee jump? (if gt ppl acc me)
or.................dunno liao~din thk tiok gok~
hahaha~overall~i wan mk my 18yrs old colourful~^^
n memorable~

today gt a new classmate in my class~
hehe~bt i ald 4gt hw he look or wat his name~
juz knw he very tall nia...=.=lll
hahaha~coz i my brain ald full of math~

hmm~bside math~i wan improve my english lor~
damn it~today de listening component ah~
i dunno wat information transfered by the track pun~
none of my question can answer well~
hehe~ps nia...xiang dang nian english take A1 de me...
nw cant even understand standard english~
dunno hw describe the english~so classy ba~
hehe~really ps to my previous english teacher~

thinking the way to improve myself~
juz lk play game~nid to increase level de ma~
where gt ppl wan lowered the level de...
+u +u
Aza Hwaiting~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

a pretty Sunday~

Huhu~~today happy sunday~
i can sleep 99~~~
manatau~at 4.25am...sigui~hp ring~
receive tiok John(Tao's ex staff) de message~
wah~he stil remember gt me this fren ahh~
gamdong lor~i tot he ald 4gt me this fren liao~
bt hor~sms me at 4.25am really ahh~
@#$%^&*.......... i continue sleep lar of course...ZzZz
kacau my sweet dream nia...

so syok ahh~sleep till 9.++
morning wake up str8 go download song lor~
gai siao all of u la~boys over flowers very nice neh~
chinese call 花样男子~
made in korea de~another version of meteor garden..
i prefer korean 1~the hero more handsum ma...
n the heroin more pretty than the taiwan 1~

today 1.30 til 3.30 gt tuition AK~
today gt more ppl go lor~
compared to last time de lar~
today teacher tak tau kenapa~
bla bla bla very fast~in indian style~
SWT nia~wan rush to where wor~=_=
=.=lll cant digest all the information~
hurt my brain cell nia~
feel wan call him stop immediately~hehe
not dare ma~who say JS ginna sure courageous de...
tk my pendrive frm wei~she save latest song 4 me!
nomu kamsahamnida~~TQ TQ~~^^

after tuition~si beh hungry ahh~
eat thg lor~eat many many thg~lolx
after eat~too full until wan sleep ahh~
am i a pig??(^(..)^) haha~after eat str8 wn sleep ah~

sleep till 7.15pm baru wake up~
hehe~wan do homework liao~
abo tml really cant follow wat teacher teach~
so hard study form 6 rite?
for me~it's very very hard!!!!
lolx~ok la~if keep hwaiting~sure can handle geh~
(try to hypnotize myslf~mali mali hom...)
MUAHAHA~i chee sin jor ahh~

quit sien sien post today~
To Me N All My Frens:
No matter u r still study/ald start work/study oversea/stil sit at home doing nothg....etc~
Gambateh neh~
Aza Aza hwaiting!
Make ur life colourful ba~
+u +u~

Saturday, May 23, 2009

22/5~Hang out with frens~

this day~we decide jor wan go Jusco c movie~
me reach Jusco at about 3.30pm..
then go meet Wei,Ling&Ciak in front of pizza hut
sooo hungry de us...order many thg eat~
bt after the food served~
we finish them in 5-15 minutes~
eat dao very FAST N CLEAN..nothg left in the plate~
geng leh~really no image there~
n we start take is lk tat de ma..=.=
we hav happy meal there~haha~

we c Nite at the museum 2~
pretty nice de movie~funny movie~
we laugh crazy in cinema~ho chai...
cinema all dark~no ppl ll knw who we r~shhh~
sad or bad mood de ppl is strongly suggested to c~
i thk the movie really make me feel happy lar~
not so suffer frm pressure liao~hehehe

after tat we go gai gai lor...
i wan buy bag...finally buy 1 simple n pretty de..
me n Wei both buy jor test pad...
Ciak wan buy cloth n mp4 bt finally bo buy...
Ling buy de is...nothing~lolx
Ling go bck earlier..coz she wan brg her mom go eat~
so~bye bye to ling~

at abt 8.00pm..b4 we want go to auto city meet Fan~
(ps:we wn go farewell 2 Woenni tat gonna study at Rahman)
her call cum~call me fetch Hui Ting go~
of course ok for me to fetch her...
she work in Jusco nia...
bt hor...Fan ahh...pls lar...
nxt time pls tell us the actual time & place k?
i knw it is not ur fault...i not mean to blame u la~
juz.......confirm b4 tell us k?

we go find Hui Ting~she so shock when c us
coz Fan haven in4m her abt we fetch her go...=_=
i brg them to my home 1st..
Ciak n Wei wan chg cloth~

we go AC de Buddy at abt many ppl there~
honestly~i wan back since i reach there...
coz c the situation~most 5S8 de ginna~
so strange i b there....
i looks lk a extra person...abit hard to mix lar..
even they r friendly de ppl~
we foto~farewell to Woenni~

11.00pm..i wan back liao...
coz i really cant go bck very late de...
me more pity than cinderella~at least she can bck b4 12am
me? b4 11.30pm....T_T
so when i heard tat there still gt 2nd round~
OMG~my face turn green...
i really cant i wan fast fast go liao~
Wei n Ciak oso~thy stay at Nibong Tebal~
quit far u thk lar~
if they join thm play till 1 or 2am~
when thy go back wat tm liao??

so i decide jor~i brg them back...
so sked lor me....coz i nvr go b4...
i dunno hw the way to their home...
n hor..i'll back my home very late~=_=ll
sked kena gun shoot~piang piang piang....

on the way to NT~my bro-Elbert keep call cum~
call me fast fast back!
coz my dad ald prepare to bom me....
OMG~bt i hav to brg thm back leh...
i really really really sked....
persuading myslf...nothg ll happen de...
at 11.30pm i reach Wei de home liao~
Wei de parent lead me back to Juru~
for 1st car speed is 100km/hr
i really nid fast fast back liao...

when i reach home...almost 12.00am
dong dong dong~cinderella cham liao....
my home door ald locked by dad...T.T bro open 4 me...
i kena liao lor...........
the gun, bom......ald cum 'attack' me...
i juz stand there....receiving wat i deserve...
really my mistake...i should tell Fan thm...
i hav to go at 10.30pm liao...
4 wat i stay there take foto? tk til 11pm..
Y? Y? WHY??

nw me ald ok liao lar...
so~Wei~dun feel sorry to me liao...
i DUN LIKE ppl keep say sorry to me de...
coz.......we all gt do mistake...
not juz u~me oso~
we both make wrong decision~try to b mature ba~
so dun say sorry to me liao!! k?
hope ur parent wont b too angry lah~

nw~my home gt new rules especially for me liao~
no more hang out after evening~
no more driving car~
all no more........T.T

really long post today~
really happen many incident~
bt i cant write much n post picture~
so no more picture to c.........
pls forgive me~
coz i really tired liao.......



Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not so happy lor...

today~'sacrifice' jor MUET de tuition~
go for librarian interview~
so many ppl go interview....
in the interview~thy ask many question~
really ahh...hard to answer their question de...
finally~I can do librarian liao...
thy juz take 20 ppl as librarian de..
bt hor...
i very very not happy lor...coz.....
wei n ciak bo kena...abit dissapoint lar...
so if i nid ppl acc me stay after skul liao..
happy bu qi lor....

i go for the interview~juz for the ko-k marks...
i hav to say...stay in JS really nid marks...
nw try to make myslf cheer lor...
Thy gonna have their orientation on 30/5
wat the.........kena my birthday agn...T_T
but ho chai juz 9.00am till 12.00pm nia...
i din kena AJK a normal librarian...
ho chai lor~huu~~
i dun lk taking any post de...
busy make me high pressure ma....

today stil the same....
many homework....
PEK CHEK nia when c the homework..>.<

tml after skul wan go c movie with fren...
bt hor...i really not sure can use car or not...
coz my dad say if go Pacific he wont let me use de..
sked me scratch tiok car...
If Jusco jiu can lar...
so~frens...hw leh?
which shopping complex?

urgh....tml whole day bo eng~
go shopping complex 'pour' $$$.....
not less $$ neh...many de....
abit sim tia the $$ lor....
coz recently really not enuf $$ use liao....
swt lor....ald spend jor many liao...
i not rich girl ok?
genting there ald use jor many liao~
start skul liao hav to buy this buy tat....
giv this fee tat fees......

pressing the calculator...counting my outlay~
my sweat keep flow down....
my heart keep bleeding~T___T

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SLAP ME!!!! >.<...T_T

slap me slap me!!
T.T i din concentrate in study today...
i oso dunno y...
in class, look at the teacher, listening their voice..
my mind, my soul dunno fly to where~
i might b look very concentrate...
bt actually NOT!!!
=.=lll SLAP ME!!!!

thk back..wat teacher say today i oso dunno..
4gt or dunno or no idea at all....
hehe...wa mm zai...

nw i juz remember tat...
30/5 no nid go orientation lor^^ chg to 6/6 liao^^lolx
mm~n hor...dunno librarian ll tiok me or not..
hope both me n wei can get lar..haha

in class...write wat teacher say till hand pain..
they talk fast n we hav to copy wat they say..
hav to write nice handwriting tim...
abo later i read wat? worm ahh?! haha...

in MS class...most suffer liao..
i really not suit math ba?....
y the number knw me..i dunno them de?
swt nia..lookin at the homework...
look less~bt for me...
it is as much as a mountain of homework!!!
i try hard to fall in lov to math...
bt still....i cant do it!!!
i so stupid...i thk i can reach idiot level le ba...
wat teacher say...all i cant follow...T_T

do i hav to change pakage?
bt i wan go oversea...
hav to take math de...
y i not a genius.....
y its so hard for me to understand...
those scarely number n formula...
so freaky 4 me.....

hate the ppl who invent math...
or i shud blame myslf...
me this useless stupid human....
y it looks very easy to other ppl...
y it is so hard to me...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

...So Lame....

aiyoyo~so sleepy today oso~
ytd sleep at 9.45pm stil not enuf ka?
1st period jiu nid go up to 3rd floor de lab~
evryday chg class position de~
skul so poor lor...
nt enuf classroom, cheap chair, cheap projector...etc
in MS class..teacher use jor many time to fix the pc..
n she giv us many homework..T.T
c tiok number head jiu very pain ahh~~

in PA class, today another teacher cum..
she teach de is ppr 1 or 2 har?
i dunno geh...swt lor....
bt she better than ytd de...she teach de thg clear lor
she teach us draw graph~
she ask me n wei:'where ur graph book?'
=.=i say bo brg..put at home..
hehe...i lie de..actually i din buy gok...
i sked if i say bo buy she ll call me go koperasi buy..

in MUET class..we start our listening component
wahliew...we cant hear clearly the sound ahh
coz the ytd de PA teacher teaching L6A1...
the clas near ourclass ma..she use mike sumore
sure we cant hear well..the question cant do well oso..
the english so 'highclass'...till i dunno wat it say
teacher gt say: sum student tot it is tamil ahh..
ji sweat yi xia....=.=lll
my poor rojak, pasar, cheap english....
cannot tahan so highclass de english de...

after skul nid do homework liao...
i din pass up my homework gok...XD
ps nia..whole clas hao xiang jz gt me 4gt to do nia..=.=

very ps...xiao peng you dun learn me ahh...
tot i'm good girl ah? tot i guai guai girl ah?
i not a good student lai de...muahahaha~
now i back to do homewrk liao...haha
~~trying to change myself~~
+u +u!!!! ^^

Monday, May 18, 2009

Charm liao lar....>.<

si liao lar...dunno how do homework neh....
feel lazy to do liao....
9 meng ahh~~~
Form 6 cannot lazy de...

so suffer......
Form 6...really very high pressure...
y it look's very ez to other ppl?
i wanna get good result......
i try to do my best....
bt always half way giv up...
...........i ask myslf.................
why i lk this de? why? why? why?
bt~dunno the answer....
is tat i din concentrate in learning?
or i din't try my best to solve the question?
or i so stupid until cant understand?
or i really no talent at all?
or i hate the subject?
or i bcum lazy agn?
or i really not suit in JS?
or i shouldn't study Form 6?
or i use wrong way to study?

i oso gt thk about IF...
if i not born in M'sia...
if i m very rich..til can str8 study oversea
if i m very talentful...
if i really a genius...
if i'm one of the best.....
if i manage to get wat i want...

hav to wake myself..
slap myself til i realise tat...i jz cn imagine n dream~
if i not practise it..all wont bcum true
i hav to make myself MORE hardworking!!
coz i m not a genius...
worst...i dunno wat i wan to do in my future...

most of my fren hav their own ambition...
they're sure wat they want..
me? dunno.....
my future is dark enuf..
until i cant c it...
or imagine it....

~So HARD to study new thg~

This morning i do a mistake....
....i accidentally sign tiok wrong form...
the form is for change course de~~
nid pass up today liao.....
bt i sign tiok Ah Peng de form pulak...=.=ll
very very very sorry ahh Ah Peng~~
bt luckily~the teacher din say sumthg lar...
bt stil feel sorry to Peng.....

these subjects all are new to me....
i dunno them..they dunno me~
i try to put myslf in the subject....
bt i found tat it is so HARD~~~T.T tuition ok abit lo~
MUET....i thk i hard to get band 3 ba..T.T
PA...i wan throw my calculator to the teacher ahh!
Nan de i angry til wan do lk i din do lar...
abo u all ll c me at newspaper front page...
Pek chek the teacher nia...
din teach many bt str8 call us do homework liao wor~

This is wat happen in PA lesson....

Teacher: Take the paper...solve all the question...
(Student start press calculator.....)
suddenly gt a gal ask
Student: Teacher ah...hw to do har?
Teacher: oh~look at the topic, it say menyelesaikan masalah rite?
the question is the masalah, u try to menyelesaikannya...
Student: ha?!
Teacher: Ez de...count nia.....
Student: ...................

wat the.......feel wan throw calculator to her ahh...
zomok the teacher lk this de......
din teach str8 call us do wor...mana boleh...
din learn tiok how do wor???

After skul i acc wei go book shop...
i buy magazine lor.....
when i go back home c liao cai knw...the shop...
CHEAT MY $$$ !!!! inside magazine gt many thg lost de ahh
lost of page...n oso free gift....haiz....
dun wan buy magazine frm the shop liao...T.T

learned a lesson...b4 buy thg hav to CHECK!!!!
T.T my $$$ liao....wuwuwu~~~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

sleepy de day~~

ytd sleep very late lor~sleepy today
bcoz of Black N White til 11.00pm...
bt for Vic n Mark this 2 YENG dao bao de guy~
i sacrifice abit nvm de...lolx
i knw for sum ppl...sleep at 11.00 consider early liao~
bt for me...very late liao lor~~lolx

Today gt AK tuition~wei cum to my house lor
coz her mami hav to fetch her sis go to penang...
she cum my house at abt 11.35am~
wah~she stil remember where my house lor~geng~
i go back home from beauty saloon to meet her lor
brg her to beauty saloon~~
she say my auntie pretty neh~
if she heard tiok sure syok si ahh~
thk tiok last time i go Sunway de Nike shop
Corn n XueNi tot she is my sister neh....
=.= she syok si lar of not me...
do i look old? >.<

we go tuition at 1.30pm...
our AK tuition teacher is a Indian~~
ermm...his name call Subra...
he do everythg very fast n furious meh...
talk fast, teach fast, giv paper fast, collect $$ fast...
so we hav to keep concentrate whn he is teaching
sked ll miss diao important de thg~
ok lor...he make me more knw abt AK liao lor~
huu~~luckily gt tuition AK ahh...

after tuition stil hav to continue work=.=
............chek ak.............

my heart, mind, soul, n body....
Thy ful of ZzZzZzZz cell........
haha...feel wan sleep immediately
bt hor...sked later ban ye wake up...
cant continue with ghost ahh....
...tml wan wk up early go skul de ahh...

Thk tiok wan go skul jiu lazy ahh...
9 MENG ahh~~~
sien de neh...Form 6----->bored!!! bian...+ u lor~arh yee~
Aza Aza Fighting!!! sked i ll sot ki ahh...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

...Y I Always Not Dare De....

Today wake up at 9.00am~sleep dao very song ahh~
nonid wake up early today~muahahaha
when on9 c tiok Ngiao King de email~
sigui...the ghost sked tiok me liao la...
me str8 wake up from sleepy~~

Today--->beautiful saturday^^
i hav to go back beauty saloon do work~
T.T actually i don wan do liao~
bt not dare say...who call tauke is my auntie wor~
many customer today sumore...haiz~~
no time go buy skul bag lor....hng hng T.T

Do dao very sien lor...even many customer~
cust say i start skul liao stil so hardworking leh...
i juz can smile to them lar...
do i happy bcoz of tat? nono~~

y i always lk tat thg in heart bt not dare say~
kai bu liao kou ahh...sked later hurt tiok ppl.....

go back home at 7.45pm..quite late liao la..
bt sumtm ll do till 8.30pm...suan ok liao lo 2day...

saturday~hehe~syok de is...i can c my favourite movie lor!!!
Black n White!!! Chinese call 痞子英雄~
muahaha! Addicted to this movie...
it is 'made in taiwan' de o~
one week cai can c one time~
bt it str8 play 2 episod lar~muahaha~

stil long post today..=.=
go c Black & White liao~stop here~~

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Brain Cell Si Liao........lolx

Today ahh~so tired lor....
i thk whole class juz me not understand wat AK teacher say nia...
i din study AK b4 the teacher bla bla bla a lot...
my brain just BLANK, BLANK & BLANK!!!
hav to brave myself~Str8 tell teacher:
'wat r u talking about? i not understand at all!!!'
Abo she wont knw...
then when she c my result terus faint~~

Other subject not so bad lar...hav to do more homework lor~
sked ll gt very sia sway de result lor~
my class de ppl very geng de...
so i very high pressure lor......T.T

We go DK1 to register MUET...
wahliew...80% de ppl fill in wrong thg...
for normal, address n phone no. we fill in ourslf de rite?
Manazai...wan fill in skul de...
Zomok din tell us early de!!! Argh...
dunno wan say we chek ak or gai si...
coz din ask.....we shud ask early de ma...

1 week liao...stil haven c tiok LSA~
our English teacher~
dunno he good in teaching English or not...
my english level drop jor ah..
nid ppl save me liao...
speak too many rojak english in my life...hehe
EKO de class most syok la~~
haha~SK Wong really good teacher lar~
knw zho siao with student...
not look lk a decipline teacher in class~

After back home...really tired liao...
eat liao sleep...until 6.30pm....=.=
hav to plan my time...many thgs to do now...

recently lk tiok one song, 不甘示弱by张栋梁
share the lirik v u all ba

清晨的路口还有你的面容 其实我还是不懂 
到底哪裡出了错 紧握的双手 现在选择沉默
忍不住想挽留 话却说不出口
遗失的勇气 抹不掉伤心回忆 我以为我了解你
该离开的人是我 我竟然还手足无措
太倔强的我 还企图装洒脱
自从你离开以后 爱你的眼泪很寂寞
习惯你的我 习惯不自由
付出了太多 平衡不了失落 手心手背都是肉 
怎么错的都是我 你用了冷漠 狠狠地挫败我
是你欺骗了我 我不能先低头
遗失的勇气 抹不掉伤心回忆 我以为我拥有你
该离开的人是我 我竟然还手足无措
太倔强的我 还企图装洒脱
自从你离开以后 爱你的眼泪很寂寞
习惯你的我 习惯不自由
没有用的人是我 都怪我太不甘示弱
自从你离开以后 我选择在原地守候
失去我才懂是我不成熟 都怪我自己太不甘示弱

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Such Speechless Day........

Today most teacher start teaching us lur....
Gt MS, AK, n EKO~
4 me...ok lor...stil can accept their teaching style lar~
luckily~not sleepy...hehe~
hav to buy exercise homework liao~
=.= my god~such a long time i din do skul homewrk liao...
dunno hw say...beh syok lor...hehe
lazy ppl is lk tat de lar~bt i hav to do it
coz if dun do ll regret de....

Among all de teacher tat teach us today..
i beh dong de AK de teacher de voice=.=
too high frequency~~hehe
JS AK ginna mayb ll knw who i m talking abt...lolx

After skul, actually gt a plan,
tat is go celebrate ah fan de birthday~~
go to Belgium...c~bo ppl geh?
then i go back home liao..let wei n chin there
later i ll be back to tuition centre~
go home rest a while...bath la..
after tat we knw thy chg jor plan...go AC eat kfc

AH FAN~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY O~~sorry tat i cant celebrate with u~

i gt tuition for MUET n MS
MUET de teacher not there wor..
shock tiok...n beh syok la of course....
din inform us early de ahh~argh~
MS de gok ho 3 ppl nia...=.=
speechless~mayb is 1st day of tuition so din gt ppl gua
or the teacher no good? Dunno ah~~~

actually we tuition till 8.30 de~
bt seems 3 ppl 7.00 jiu let us bye bye lor..
hmm~speechless ahh...........

At night~suddenly receive tiok Ryan de call
wah seh~chio me go drink at TAO neh~
of course i cant go lar...
lady's nite de free drink bye lor~~
coz tml stil wan go skul early neh...
aikz..din inform me early...
next time lar~~

say speechless still so long post...
i nid c doctor liao~i sot jor ahh..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3rd day to skul~start study...............

today morning when go to skul~abit shock tiok....=.=
c tiok CHYE YI FAN sit bside ciak...i tot i c tiok ghost ahh....
lolx~fan is back..chew~hai me sad b4 nia...
she hard to get her register form lor...coz OSS n Ah Lee this 2 teacher
chek ak N shape ll eat u all meh~keep concern abt the N-shape...
cut short liao still wan demerit ah fan 9 marks......make fan really behsyok ahh

today we knw we r in wat class liao..i am L6A2 de ginna leh...
hehe...same class with for sure..we sit tgthr la..
in class gt 40% i knw de...60% is i still dunno de
bt nw not dare go knw each other gok..ll ps de ma
so in our class stil can c ppl separate in gang~!
gt study gang, play play gang, talk talk gang.......etc
time ll make me knw them de...muahaha!

today we c our class hor...
my sigui brain cant remember her name...
thy say alot about thy teach de subject...
gt also giv us 'warning'......hehe
actually more to advice lar
bt thy say lai say ki...bla bla bla a lot
the main point juz gt one : Form 6 nid study hard! No lazy!
=.= duh~sure i knw lar...
they din start teaching us buy book
nid $$$$$ agn...argh~~~
sleepy nia........waste my time listen all these thg...

after skul...we go register tuition class open bt din gt ppl inside geh..........
hai tiok we hav to do sunbath for nothg....lolx

30/5 de orientasi i dunwan go can bo? play water de neh..i thk gt play flour oso de...
not hate to play...juz really bo mood join this kind of thg lar
bt for marks....i ll go.......T.T

tml maybe ll start tuition liao...
go skul at 7.00am...go back home at 8.45pm
thk tiok pun sked ah~high pressure lor....
can i tahan? hope can lar......= =
...............dunno wat to say....................

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


today morning receive tiok ah fan de sms....
such a sudden she say wan change to utar.....
shock tiok la of thk back...she not 1st time say wan chg skul liao
erm..juz can support her decision lar..although we r sad

FAN~+u lar~i wont blame u lar~beside this i gt nothg to say to u liao~
nonid feel sorry to me de~

today at skul~take the register form frm teacher liao~
i choose jor MS n AK de pakage~
abit worry cant handle the subject~
tml ll knw wat class liao~start study busy skul life lur~
F6 really not honeymoon year.......haha

today gt 6th Form society de AGM.....i din kena tiok any post~lucky ahh!! haha
abo ll busy till cannot handle study de thg~
they say they ll hav 迎新日at 30/5
my god.......tiok my birthday ahh~~
cant go kai kai with fren liao~sad lor....
i dunwan go can ma? bt stil hav to pay rm7 for them....
yerr~evrythg nid $$$ de ahh.........beh syok nia......
zomok jiang i hav to find a part time job?
no $$$ really hard to survive lor~~~~

i applied to do a librarian liao.....sure is for the ko-k marks lar
bt nid wait for interview
hope ll kena me lar....although ll very busy liao~ JS really nid marks to survive de!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Really Kek Si Wa ahh~~~

Really hate the skul rules!!
ppl 1st dy 2 skul is happy leh~kek dao bo mood liao~
after reach skul~we go hall for the orientasi~manazai c tiok all decipline teacher standing there...
waitin to shoot us liao...they check us from head to leg~
1st is hair~teacher de eye gt problem liao~evry1 de hair nt pass de~
siao ehh~i c tiok tat teacher pull DG de hair neh..warning jiu ok liao ma...nid pull front of sooo many ppl de wor~make ppl no face nia~
2nd is our spectacles~too thick cannot, too thin oso cannot, colour white cannot. colourful oso cannot, too fashion cannot.......etc
anyway~evrythg student wear or do tdy is not rite 4 them~
3rd is our skul U~white shirt hor~cannot too soft n smooth de wor~= =
4th...our skirt or pants....oso gt their own rules..
socks...cannot wear too low or too thin.....
shoes...must 100% cotton de....
from head to leg gt rules nid to follow..god~can i find freedom in skul?
fan fan very angry o~she say wan chg skul ahh~
wei n jueychin de hair tiok cut...
my hair~cut short until ervy1 say so short liao but still...teacher say sumthg~bt din kena cut lar
many ppl din gt the register form lor...coz teacher say we din follow skul rule ah~
excuse me~my hair when i study form 1 to form 5 is more longer then now ahh~
tat teacher ahh...say if we cnt stand the rule jiu chg skul lar...
wat the @#$%^&*........their attitude really make me angry ahh~
zomok F6 stil nid join club n badan beruniform de....always take marks to press us de
ei~thk we r rich ka? join all this stuff dunid $$ ka?
thn~we hav to pay rm60 for MUET~we wajib take wajib giv the $$$
ervythg nid $$...bus fee oso, tuition fee rich really cant study de......
hey~who say F6 no nid spend many $$ geh get out!
urgh~beh syok nia....wan chg course oso so ma huan..
wait the form cum ah~siao eh! tml thy cai giv the form then after fill jiu hv 2 giv thm bck on the same day wor!! @#$%^&~mana boleh macam ni~
today ahh~really soo beh syok~F6 liao bt stil treat us lk F1 student~

Sunday, May 10, 2009


10/5~~tml wan go skul start my Form 6 skul life liao~
really bo feel~fren ask me hw i feel~
juz can answer kin cheong nia lor...
swt~thk tiok wan follow the skul rule jiu sien nia~
especially the hair ah~~
i go Max style cut my hair...
@#$%^& de...giv wrong ppl cut my hair
now when i c my shadow...omg
looks lk a mushroom grow on top of a human body=.=
lolx~nvm lor...wait it long~fan zheng nonid take care my image de~
haha~coz ald no image liao~muahaha
haiz..thk tiok tml wan wake up very early really sien lor
go wait bus...n reach skul at about 7.15am
bt register at 9.00am....swt nia
n thn wat? orientasi lor...most hate thg lk this de...sien nia
dunno wat time can go back home...
hw can i b lk this de..haven go jiu thk wan go back home liao..lolx
erhem~now thk tiok thursday-14/5 is Fan fan de birthday liao wor~
Fan ahh~wan how celebrate ah?
hehe~giv u a hug how? kakaz~dun hope i ll giv u kiss de lor~
i never kiss ppl de...paiseh nia...u can accept bt i cannot giv lor...
1st kiss leh~hehe~cannot simply giv de~
tml i wont take skul bag go geh~haha
coz hor...din buy gok>.<
1st day nid skul bag for wat...
ginna meh....hehe...
Frens~dun call me upload picture lar...coz really eat time lor...
lazy lar~~
okie~stop here~gt thg cai post lar...

At Genting liao!! Muahaha~

5/5...4am we ald reach genting~the weather very cold lor~~har chiu!
we waiting for check in tat start at 6.30am..
we go eat at marry brown..the food beh expensive de
dunno y...evryone stomachache...
6.30am....finally can check in lor~
after put our thg~we chit chat~rest~
we go walk walk in shopping mall...
10.00am we went go buy play de ticket
wahliew..the weather ahh..really bad
so sked later cant play...
look outside...really look lk jurassic park de...lolx
thn hw? we go inside room sleep lor...with tv on...
until 11.00am we wake up lor..
sooo lucky...the weather bcum verry good liao~
we go play lor!
play many chi kek de adult ma~
bt i really sked lar...scream lk a siao lang..
lolx bt gt fren acc me..ok lar
juz we 4 girls~yeng leh~geng leh~
we got go visit Ripley's Belive it or Not de museum... (the nxt day la)
really amazing lor...cant belive our world gt ppl lk tat de...
we oso got go c dinasour lor...hehe...
after play...we go eat buffet~free de o~
we take many food lor...juz lk ginna ane....
lolx~eat til very full...then we go walk walk walk....
walk til leg stupid~we bo thk tiok can use lif geh~aikz
we oso gt play ginna kia play de game o..hehe...
we take many foto lor...girl is lk tat de to take foto de
bt discovered tat everytime sure same post...2 finger up! yeah! lolx
2nd day after wake up liao go eat breakfast
we hav to check out b4 12.00pm
seems tat still gt time...we go eat first lor
after check out...we go to a ripley's de museum...
is tat a museum? At least i thk so..>.<>
we stay inside more than one hour leh~
after walk around~
3.30pm we go take our luggage n go bus stop liao
it was very cold outside there...
we almost cant go back ahh....coz we dunno which one is our bus=.=
luckily...we can back liao!! lolx
at about 8.30pm we ald reach Juru~
I'm back!!! so happy i can go back safety~
when i back~my sickness gone liao eh~amazing~din c doctor pun~
It's really a memorable trip leh~Genting~love u o~bye lor~